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Breathing in the Dark (2014)

Two people meet on a cold, snowy night. What happens in moments will last a lifetime.​

The Tower (2016)

An account of a missing child and the tower that became the object of his obsession.

A Walk in the Woods (2016)

An homage to the great Sci-Fi and Horror writers H.G. Wells ad H.P. Lovecraft.

The Red Dress (2017)

A short story of love transcending reality. 

Tranquility (2018)

Isolation is a hell of a deal, and Jack just doesn't know how bad it is.

The Gate in the Garden (2019, revised 2022)

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is dream.

The Girl in White (2019)

A small town girl's life becomes a cog in the greater machinations of something beyond this world.

Hindsight (2021)

Is it possible to escape your fate, even when you have the power to change it?

We Never Saw Them Coming (2022)

What can we do when our doom stares us in the eye?

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