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All projects featured here are in progress, i.e. a state of flux. Titles, characters, and/or settings may change as the stories themselves unfold...They may never even see the light of day!

The Watcher in the Woods (working title) - Novel

In the small river rock and thatched roof town of Wellford, young Will awakes to find his hands scrapped, bloodied, and covered in dirt. This isn't the first time this has happened to him, and it won't be his last. He has no memory of what occurs once he falls to sleep, other than the brutal nightmares that haunt him when he wakes. It isn't until he travels into the mysterious Vlanlanderen Forest that he discovers that reality as he knows it, is on the precipice of destruction, and he is the key to stopping it. 

The Snowman Saga (working title) - Graphic Novel

A graphic novel set in a city besieged by a ravaging winter. A popular tourist town in the summer devolves into a hotbed of crime once the cold winds begin to blow. Despite the efforts of the under-funded police department, the mantle of city protector is worn by a firefighter who, distraught with loss of his best friend, decides to dedicate his life to striking terror into the frozen hearts of the criminal underbelly. 

The Ashen Light (working title) - Novel

In a world where everything is synthetic and corporations are the size of small countries, a murder is just another day for Human Resource Inspector John Allenbeck. But when an entire planet mysteriously disappears, John is left questioning everything he once knew to be real.

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